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Perfecting coffee roasting and Italian cooking for generations

David, founder of The Lucky Italian, brought his artistry of roasting coffee to downtown Houston when he opened his first coffee shop in 2017.  At that time, he was roasting his own coffee out of his garage with a roaster that only roasted 2 lbs. of coffee at a time.  However, this did not deter David from continuing to provide Houstonians with handcrafted coffee so in 2020—at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—David moved his coffee shop to Market Square.  This new location became The Italian Job serving not only coffee but David also expanded his shop to include the sale of cocktails and hired an award-winning mixologist to manage his bar.  The great success of his business venture allowed David to move his roasting process out of his garage to a warehouse located on the east side of downtown where he now houses a roaster that produces twenty times more coffee than what he was able to produce out of his garage.

David’s desire for Houstonians to experience the familial and welcoming nature of his Italian culture through coffee and cocktails is now what motivates him to expand his ventures to include traditional Italian cuisine.  Houstonians are now able to experience their first taste of David’s intergenerational Italian family recipes at his first restaurant named after his roastery—The Lucky Italian.  David’s achievements are due to his dedication to his craft of roasting coffee and his deep passion for ensuring that everyone who walks into his coffee shop and restaurant feels like family and enjoys the tastiest Italian coffee, cocktails, and cuisine in Texas.

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