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Autumn Cocktails

Fancy Cocktail

Shannon’s Autumn Gin And Tonic 

(Off-dry, fruit-forward, herbaceous)

Drumshanbo Gunpowder irish gin, blackberries, pear liqueur, thyme


Maple Old Fashioned

(Aromatic, complex, spice)

Lot 40 Canadian Rye whiskey, bitters, maple syrup, cinnamons


Misty’s Pear Martini  

(Crisp, sweet, fruit forward)

Absolut pear vodka, pear liqueur, lime, cinnamon                                                        


Texas Star 

(Complex, spicy, citrus)

Ghost tequila, grapefruit, orange liqueur, agave


The Professor’s Potion 

(Balanced, tropical, citrus) 

Rum, guava, house-made green tea syrup                                                                 


Stoney’s Cassis Sour

(Aromatic, sweet, textured)

Scotch, creme de cassis, lemon, egg white

From Dusk til Dawn 

(Earthy, off-dry, spirit-forward)

Espresso, whiskey, allspice


Poison Apple 

(Sweet, crisp , fruity)

Spiced rum, apple cider, ,                                                                    


V for Vendetta 

(Floral, textured, sweet)

Gin, creme de violette, egg white, honey, lemon


Daniel’s Spiced Toddy 

(Warm, aromatic, complex)

Bourbon, Daniel’s house-made wassail, lemon


Oaxacan Sunset

(Smoky, citrus, sweet)

Del Maguey Vida mezcal, Aperol, Luxardo liqueur, lime



Our Classic Cocktails


The Italian Job AKA: Negroni (Sweet, Citrus, Bitter, Light)

Gin, Aperitivo, Sweet Vermouth

Aperol Spritz (Light, Refreshing, Citrus)

Aperol, Seltzer, Sparkling

Angelo Azzurro (Sweet, Citrus, Astringent)

Orange, Limoncello, Sweet Vermouth, Gin

Godfather (Sweet, Complex, Nutty)

Bulleit, Disaronno

Old Fashion (Off-Dry, Complex)

Bulleit Rye, Turbinado, Bitters, Orange, Cherry

Espresso Martini (Complex, Light, Slightly Sweet, Smooth)

Espresso, Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Cream

Carajillo (Sweet, Nutty, Complex)

Licor 43, Espresso

Italian Paloma (Sweet, Citrus, Complex, Light)

Tequila, Lime, Elderflower, Aperol, Sparkling

Italian Margarita (Sweet, Citrus, Nutty)

Tequila, Amaretto, Lime, Agave

Hugo (Floral, Refreshing, Off-Dry)

Elderflower, Mint, Prosecco

The Sopranos (Floral, Citrus, Bitter)

Absolut Elyx, Aperol, Elderflower

Black Manhattan (Complex, Nutty, Bitter)

Woodford Rye, Walnut Bitters, Averna

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